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How much space will I need?
Do you provide sound / PA systems?
Why don't you have prices on your website?
What happens if it rains at my outdoor event?
Do I need to pay a deposit?
What happens if I want to cancel my booking?
If my event is delayed, will your performer wait around and perform at a later time?
Will my performer take a break during the entertainment?
Will your performer act as a childminder at my event?
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Should I book roaming entertainment or a show?

Roaming Entertainment is great for events where you wish our performers to walk about, interacting with people individually, or in small groups. Your guests will personally experience the entertainment close up. It is fantastic background entertainment which creates a great vibe at any event. It is not suitable for events where you wish all your guests to be focused on the entertainment at the same time.

Shows are perfect for events where you wish all the focus to be on the entertainment. Most of our shows are interactive and involve audience participation. As they are performed for everyone at the same time, everyone gets to 'share the joke', marvel at the magic or be dazzled by the breathtaking juggling. Thus creating a unique shared experience, which will have them talking for years to come.

Background fire performers and face painters don't really fit into either of the above categories as these types of entertainment need to set up in a fixed position. However, please note that although background fire is in a static position it is not a show.



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