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FAQs - Do you provide sound / PA systems?

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How much space will I need?
Do you provide sound / PA systems?
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What happens if it rains at my outdoor event?
Do I need to pay a deposit?
What happens if I want to cancel my booking?
If my event is delayed, will your performer wait around and perform at a later time?
Will my performer take a break during the entertainment?
Will your performer act as a childminder at my event?
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Do you provide sound / PA systems?

We DO NOT provide PA systems for events.

Our show performers have very small portable sound systems and these are NOT suitable for larger / corporate events. If you book a show, please ensure that you provide your own a PA system, which is suitable for the size of your event.

For variety shows and Nova fire show, our performer will need to plug a headset microphone receiver into your PA system. For Nova our performer will also need to plug an MP3 player into your PA system. Please view the  full technical requirements for 'Aurora' and the Fire performance technical requirements.


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