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FAQs - What happens if it rains at my outdoor event?

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What happens if it rains at my outdoor event?
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What happens if it rains at my outdoor event?

Unfortunately, as our performers use specialised equipment and props, which can be damaged by water, in most cases it is simply not possible for them to perform in the rain. For outdoor functions, you need to have a back up wet weather plan in place. If a suitable alternative venue cannot be provided, then our fee will remain payable in full, even if our entertainers are unable to perform at your event. However, please be assured that we will do our very best to carry on if it is at all possible.

In the case of fire performance our entertainers are able to perform in very light rain.

Please also note that we are only able to perform electric glow juggling, when the venue is completely dry, as any moisture can seriously damage the equipment.


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