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Central Durban Zone 0 (25) Price List for parties taking place up to and including November 2019

This price list is for parties of up to 25 children.

Single Item Prices       Hours #
R 850 1.5 hours Face Painting (can paint  12 – 25 kids per hour) 1.5 Hrs

R 995       

2 hours Face Painting (can paint  12 – 25 kids per hour) 2 Hrs
R 985 30 min Magical Circus Variety Show (suitable if most kids are aged 4+) 0.5 Hrs
Package Number/ Price Basic Party Packages    

1    R905

 1/2 Hr Balloons, 1/2 Hr Games** (1 performer) 1 Hr
2    R915  1 Hr Face Painting, 1/2 Hr Balloons** (1 performer) 1.5 Hrs
3    R1,490

 1 Hr Face Painting, 1 Hr Balloons on STILTS*   (2 performers)

1 Hr
4    R1,255  1/2 Hr Balloons, 30 min Show (1 performer) 1 Hr
Package Number/ Price Deluxe Party Packages   
5   R1,180 1 Hr Face Painting, 1/2 Hr Games (1 performer) 1.5 Hrs
6    R1,385 30 min Show, 1/2 Hr Games  (1 performer) 1 Hr
7    R1,580 1 Hr Face Painting, 30 min Show (2 performers) 1.5 Hrs
8    R1,685 1/2 Hr Balloons, 30 min Show, 1/2 Hr Games (1 performer) 1.5 Hrs
9    R1,500

1 Hr Face Painting, 1/2 Hr Balloons, 1/2 Hr Games  (2 performers)

1.5 Hrs
Package Number/ Price Ultimate Party Packages   
10     R1,850

1 Hr Face Painting, 1/2 Hr Balloons, 30 min Show  (2 performers)

1.5 Hrs
11     R1,980  1 Hr Face Painting, 30 min Show, 1/2 Hr Games (2 performers) 2 Hrs
12     R2,300

1 Hr Face Painting, 1/2 Hr Balloons, 30 min Show, 1/2 Hr Games  (2 performers)

2 Hrs

Take your party to new heights. For an extra R200, added to the price of a package which already includes balloons, you can have a STILT WALKER making balloons (*except where stilt price already specified  **not avalilable onr package 1 or 2)


For parties with 13 - 25 kiddies invited, we recommend booking EXTRA FACE PAINTING time, as this will give our artists more time to paint beautiful designs for you. An extra 30 mins costs R255. An extra 1 hour costs R400. If you book only 1 hour of face painting for 13 - 25 children, then our artist may only have time to paint a small design on the cheek or the hand.


# Please note that the hours shown are for the length of entertainment booked. When planning your party, please remember to allow time for your formalities. Most Big Top Entertainment performers are happy to allow a free 30 min break during their entertainment, subject to their scheduling requirements. Breaks must be requested at the time your booking is made, so we can factor them in to our performance schedule. 30+ minute breaks for any of our performers will incur an additional fee. Contact us for details.

The packages are our recommendations for a party of this size, but please feel free to tailor-make your own party. Contact us for a quote. Where the package states 2 performers, please note that this means 1 balloon twister and 1 face painter working at the same time. Or 1 face painter and then 1 show performer.

Please note that prices are subject to change, due to the fluctuating cost of petrol and other expenses.

All bookings are subject to performer availability at the time that we receive a fully completed booking form.


Bookings with deposits paid 15+ days in advance are confirmed upon receipt of a minimum of a 50% non-refundable deposit in to our bank account.

If you make your booking or deposit payment, within 14 days of the event, then the booking will only be confirmed upon receipt of 100% non-refundable payment.


Please note that the rates on this price list are for payments received in to our bank account by EFT or an ATM cash deposit. If you make a payment to us by an over the bank counter cash deposit at an FNB branch, you will need to add on an additional amount to cover the bank charges incurred. This is worked out at current FNB rates and will be a minimum of R80. 


To make an enquiry you can fill out our online form or email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

or call / whatsapp 081 456 0703

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