Big Top Entertainment

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Games Galore

Kids just love to play games and run around!

We play a fun selection of age appropriate games, for kids aged 4 - 12 years old, such as parachute games, team running games, musical games and limbo. We come with all our own equipment, music, small portable amp and microphone.


Mum's and dad's and older kids can also join in the fun!


For children aged 6 - 12 years old we play 1 hour of organised games.

For small kids' aged 4 - 5 years old we recommend 1/2 hour, as their attention span is a little less.



Minimum 15 kids aged 4 +. Maximum 50 kids.

For parties of up to 25 children, Tom or Petals will be the game organiser.

For parties of 26+ children we will also bring an additional games assistant.


Smaller children may require the help of their parents or an older sibling in order to participate.

As our games involve lots of running around, we require a large, flat, unobstructed space, preferably on grass, measuring a minimum of 10m x 5m. For larger parties more space may be required.

Having fun is thirsty work! As we do lots of running about, please ensure that there are drinks for the kids near to the games area. We can then make sure they take drink breaks on those hot Durban days...

Please note that our games are NOT suitable for parties of less than 15 kids or for parties where most of the children are going to be aged under 4 years old.


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