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Fire Performance Technical Requirements

Venue & safety

The client accepts full responsibility for obtaining permission for Big Top Entertainment’s entertainers to perform fire at the venue. If the performer arrives at the venue, and they are not allowed to perform fire, we will treat it as a client cancellation, and the fee will remain payable in full.

Please note that for safety reasons we only perform fire entertainment OUTDOORS

We do not perform fire at indoor venues or inside tents/marquees.

The suitability of a venue for fire performance is subject to approval by Big Top Entertainment and it’s performers. If the venue provided is unsuitable, and an alternative suitable venue cannot be provided by the client, then the fee will remain payable in full. 

Please note that if our performer / technician / representative of Big Top Entertainment arrives at the venue and the venue is found to be unsuitable, the required space is not available, or our technical requirements / terms and conditions have not been fully adhered to, we may not be able to perform. This will be treated as a client cancellation and our fee will remain payable in full.

Terms and conditions pertaining to adverse weather conditions remain in full effect.

For safety reasons, the client will need to ensure that there is a fire extinguisher & fire blanket on hand (we have never had occasion to use these items, but it’s always a good idea to have them available).

If there are children attending the event, please note that is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the children are supervised during the fire entertainment, and to ensure that no children enter the fire performance space.
Performance space

Individual background fire performers and Nova 1 man fire show: an absolute minimum of 3m x 3m per performer.

All fire performances require an absolute minimum of 3m vertical clearance, across the entire performance space. I.e. there must be no ceiling/roof, tree branches, objects or items of any kind hanging down within 3m of the area above the performance space.

Fire breathing: Although the Nova Fire Show can be performed in a space with 3m vertical clearance, if the client wishes to include fire breathing in the show, the area above the performance space must have unlimited vertical clearance, and be completely clear, with no ceiling/roof, trees, objects or items of any kind being located in the vertical space above the performance area.

Big Top Entertainment reserves the right not to include fire breathing in the show, if the performer decides that it is not suitable for the event or venue. 

Please note that fire breathing is not included as part of our background fire performance.

All fire performance areas must be well away from decor, draping, carpets, curtains, tables, hanging objects etc.

To ensure that nobody is positioned too close to the performance space, please ensure you arrange a suitable area, a few of meters away from the performance space, where your guests can comfortably watch the fire performance.
Venue lighting

Fire entertainment can only take place after dark. To check when sunset is on the date of your event, click here.
Sound/P.A. system

Big Top Entertainment does not supply sound or PA systems.

In order for our performer to play the Nova Fire Show music, the client must supply a P.A. System that is adequate for the size/space of venue. The system should be supplied by the client with a competent sound operator. Our performer will provide the show music on either a CD, or as an MP3.

We do not provide music for background fire bookings.
Outdoor performance

As fire entertainment bookings can only be performed outdoors, our performers will try their very best to continue with the performance, if conditions allow. However, please bear in mind that it may be necessary to postpone, curtail or cancel the event in extreme situations. In these instances our fee will remain payable in full.

Some of our fire entertainers may be able to provide alternative indoor entertainment (not fire), if a suitable space is available.  If the client is offered the option of alternative indoor entertainment, and refuses the option offered, then this will also be treated as a client cancellation, and the fee will remain payable in full.

(Adverse weather conditions could include, but are not limited to, wet weather and strong wind).

It would be appreciated if copies of any recordings made or photographs taken of Big Top Entertainment’s shows/performance/rehearsals could be supplied to Big Top Entertainment for their use in marketing and/or advertising.

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